Battle Angel (1993)

A two-part OVA that covers (roughly) the content of the first two volumes of the Battle Angel Alita manga. Style- and story-wise it’s pretty close to the source and the few battles the OVA offers are pretty cool to watch, but they are far too few to make up for the otherwise uninspired rest. Sure, the OVA is pretty close to the source material, but the little deviations are enough to make what was an otherwise no-holds barrels action romp into an annoying, soap-opera story about a mechanical girl and her first love.

It’s not that those elements aren’t in the original (many of the scenes are actually picture-perfect recreations of the manga), it’s just that some elements are overemphasized to the detriment of others and the whole love-angel really made this one irritating to watch. At least in the original manga, the whole love angle was handled with enough humor to not make it feel like you watching a soap opera and Alita never felt like the love-sick puppy she was in the OVA (more colder and harder emotionally) and instead of someone who tried to save a good friend.

Also, though that was in the original too (not to speak of real life), I really hate characters who are so blindly obsessed with something that their IQ drops more than a dozen points.