Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (2012)

A computer-animated movie taking place after the original Ben 10 series which goes on to show that merely a different gimmick (CGI) does not a good movie make. Okay, nobody would have expected that anyway from a kids show about a teenager who can morph into various aliens and fight other cliched villains, but to some degree you could have at least expected competence. But apart from the CGI-aspect, which was mostly nicely done (the city looked a bit depopulated though), the movie’s plot was based on a mistake blown out of proportion and compounded by all-around stupidity. It’s a prime example for an idiot plot, heck, even a second-order idiot plot where everyone behaves like a complete moron and nobody tries to sit down and at least use the mushy thing in their heads for ten seconds.

Rounded out is the movie with a fight between two Godzilla-sized aliens (one of whom is Ben) who freely trash entire residential blocks and nobody mentions or even considers the at least in the three figure range death toll that would follow from those trashings. Obviously, it’s not just an idiot plot, it’s an entire idiot writer team sitting behind the wheels.