Stargate: Continuum (2008)

Every science fiction TV-show has a certain type of episode, either by using alternative universes or alternative time lines, that shows how bad the present of the show would be with the main characters absent or dead. It’s basically a reminder of how great and cool the characters are, though it’s rarely interesting in itself. Stargate: Continuum, the last Stargate SG1 movie, is basically that and at time feels just like a rehash of season eights final two-parter Moebius.

While taking place around the beginning of the last season of Stargate Atlantis, the movie should have been the swan song for the upbeat, old-school Stargate style (before Stargate Universe changed the tone and style). Baal, the last surviving member of the System Lords has been captured, but as a means of last resort uses time travel to change history. The Stargate program has never happened, the members of SG1 are either dead, retired or incapacitated in other ways. It all feels a bit like you’ve already seen the story a dozen times and in the case of Moebius two-parter, done much better already.

It’s disappointing as the last ditch-attempt of one of the Goa’uld to restore their power. Like seeing the dinosaurs one last time before their extinction, but instead of seeing them go out in all their glory, they have to appear in a local shopping mall to threaten small children. A bit sad, demeaning and pathetic. The kind of movie even a hardcore Stargate fan could miss and not have missed anything important.