Hard Rain (1998)

I love action movies with likable characters and at least a modicum of ambition to surprise me from time to time. Hard Rain perfectly satisfies that urge. The story goes like this: a money transporter gets stuck in a town where a flood is coming during a heavy rain. The money transporter gets attacked, one of the drivers is killed, the other avoids the attackers and hides the money. The water is rising, there’s a town sheriff and his deputies left in the abandoned city, a female love interest for the surviving driver, the attackers and bags full of money.

Hard Rain is a movie-long action sequence with shifting allegiances, much water and a weird side-story about an old couple thrown in for fun (though the old man putting his dominating wife into her place was kinda shitty and a bit too self-congratulating on the part of the movie-makers, considering that most of the old couples I know have exactly the same dynamic but with reversed roles). There’s a scene where the gangster follow the driver into a flooded school building with jet skis, which is just the awesomeness you expect from this kind of movie and Hard Rain delivers exactly that.

Sure, most of the time you know the twists coming, you know how some of the people will die or what happens next. It’s not exactly the most original movie. But it’s solid movie that knows how to pace things out, when to tighten the tension and so on. For a movie that is mostly about a group of people hunting each other through a flooded city it never gets boring.