LaserCat (2012)


LaserCat is a platformer with free-to-roam open world. You can go in any of the countless screen-sized level segments to collect 30 keys to free LaserCat’s friend owl (yup, the KISS principle is at work in the story department). Not that this is much of a challenge, most gamers will cruise through LaserCat without ever getting in serious trouble. Save points are generously distributed and while you can’t kill any of the enemies, avoiding them is child’s play.

It’s not a bad game, but neither is it all that memorable. The entire package is kind of adorable, in the same way we see kitten pics on the net, enjoy them and then forget them the next second when another picture captures our attention. The biggest innovation is that screen transitions change the color set, so you’ll rarely see even the same level segment with the same colors twice.

But overall, it’s okay (in a good way). Playing LaserCat is pretty relaxing and enjoyable-ish. Not at big event, but a competently made small and sweet game.