Angel S4 (2002-2003)

It’s been some time since I last watched Angel, mostly because either I’ve really grown tired of the antics of the entire series or it really got worse in the fourth season. Angel like always flip-flops between moody and motivational, Wesley goes through his own Dark Knight phase, Angel’s son has the charisma of a damp rag, Cordelia makes stupid choices and her entire behavior is extremely annoying and Fred plus Gunn aren’t fun to watch either. Basically, there’s no likable character left on the show, which on a better show might be a strength, but not on such a mediocre one.

Scratch that, there aren’t any characters at all left, just bad cliches and jokes that say and do stupid things as long as the aimless plots requires it. I can’t say I ever really liked the series, I enjoyed watching it from time to time, but it was never really good. But this, it’s not just getting worse, the writers of the show actively dismantle every shred of credibility the show ever had (and there wasn’t much to begin with). And while I really hate stopping somewhat halfway (11th episode), when something annoys you so much as this season has, then it’s best to walk away and spend the time on something more worthwhile.