Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (2004-2009)

What can you say about a six season show that seemingly jumped the shark around the end of the second season. That it wasn’t just for you or that you just grew tired of the entire show. I’m talking about Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, which has a cool concept, a gang of likable characters and yet, with each new season, I liked it less and less. That I actually watched it all to the end was for the few episodes each season that still worked. And each episode with Guu or Cheese. But mostly, it was a show that squandered its potential.

The basic concept, a foster home for imaginary beings, made up by kids and abandoned once they grow older, gives ample room for a variety of stories. Add to that a house that seems like the pipe dream of any adventurous kid, with thousands different rooms and hallways and stairs that evoke Gothic architecture, but with a playful bent. And yet all the episodes were about Bloo (the imaginary friend of Mac) becoming more flanderized as the series went on. For a show that should have been about exploring the imaginary creatures we dream up as kids and the adventures we had with them, instead it became a show about the boring shenanigans of one assholish imaginary friend.

But since that direction was there from the start, it’s probably more a case of a show that just went on a different path than I hoped. Though toward the end of the fourth season the show completely got off-rails, as if everyone involved became really tired of making the show. Whereupon up to that point the show was merely not fulfilling its potential, from this point on it was failing to be anything good at all.