The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat (1995-1997)

I do not know whether The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat is true to the original cartoons or not, though it does feel like they tried to emulate those early cartoons to some extend. And as much as I like the inventiveness of the early silent cartoon era, I do also like some of the later storytelling inventions like memorable characters and compelling (even if entirely nonsensical) plots.

One of my favorite cartoons of the last years (Adventure Time) has an approach that seems to be based on the same tradition as TTToFtC, weirdness for its own sake and stories that goes from A straight to -1 and then to XYZ and yet each episode is fun and enjoyable. TTToFtC in comparison feels boring and tired, a rehash of ideas of yesterday that doesn’t manage the same level of zaniness, lacks any ideas of its own and the main character is merely a concept instead of a real character.