The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2 (2009)

The second season of TMoHS brings material that can be interspersed with the first season, as none of it is entirely in the right chronological order. On the whole, stories as far as the sixth light novel (the original source medium of the series) have been adapted. While it’s pretty much more of the same, a gimmicky idea at the core (a girl that can change the universe at will, doesn’t know it and has to be reigned in by her friends before anything really bad happens) and Kyon as the sarcastic and unreliable narrator who is probably also the future male love interest of Haruhi, I disliked it for one reason.

Out of the 14 new episodes 8 (literally) told the same story (it’s like the evil version of Groundhog Day with the same day taking place with very few modification 8 times in a row until the protagonist gets wise to what has to change (I knew it the second loop, which made watching the rest of the days even worse)) and 5 were about making the movie shown in the first season and were pretty much boring as well. Basically, I still like the overall idea and the format, but not the stories themselves.

Which brings me to the characters, because when I start disliking something in a big way, I see the other flaws even more so. Kyon is okay most of the time, but his lecherous attitude whenever Mikuru had a new costume really grated on my nerves. Mikuru was even worse. I really don’t like the submissive female character who takes on the role of a human doormat. Haruhi herself is an annoying brat who only thinks ME, ME in big letters (without her powers nobody would give a damn about her), Yuki is for all intents and purposes a robot and not really human and Itsuki plays the Yoda role for all that its worth. All the characters have settled down into their cliche role and there’s no real character growth involved. Which is okay if you have an episodic show based on humor most of the time, but not when you’ll try to tell longer story arcs.

On the whole a big letdown after the first season.