Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole S1 (2010)

Frankenhole tries each episode its very best to take an offensive joke and then to make it even more offensive (think Hitler turning up and trying to get cured from hating Jews). Often they actually succeed. It’s a stop-motion animation where everything is made from paper, which gives the show a pretty unique look. Despite the shows nature, being mostly an evil version of the Munsters and ways to be as abrasive and offensive as possible, there’s still some overall continuity.

Frankenstein has drunk an immortality serum, as has his wife (well, more like tricked into it), his monster is still around and annoys anyone with it pretentiousness, Victor’s servant Igor is there (and very creepy I tell you), Count Dracula tries to seduce Victor’s wife (who doesn’t care) and there’s also Victor’s partner in crime Professor Sanguinaire Polidori. Various Gothic horror themed monster turn up in the countryside, but the humor is more scatological than bleak and cynical (though most of the character pretty much are) and the extensive use of time-space-portals allows journeys to other places and times.

It’s also pretty funny, if you aren’t easily offended (or maybe it’s even more funny if you are, I have no idea). I wonder if further seasons will ride the overall theme (immortal doctor doing immoral operations to create various monster or grant ill-chosen or often evil wishes to various guest) to death, but so far its good.