Solarman (1989)

TV-pilot for a superhero series from Marvel that lasted only two issues on paper and never went farther than the pilot on TV. It’s pretty generic and highlights the asininity rampant in the entire genre. A young teenager gets a bracelet from an alien scientist, which allows him to transform into an adult superhero capable of flight and energy manipulation. The enemy is Gormagga Kraal, a kind of military dictator from the same world as the alien scientist, who uses the inventions of the scientist to drain suns of their energy.

It’s all pretty preposterous and the alien warlord is your typical evil villain (who does evil just because). Sure, most of the better known franchises started out with a similarly mediocre origin, but when all you can see is the mediocre beginning, it really doesn’t entice you to see more (not that there is more).