Doctor Who S6 (2011)

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The latest season of Doctor Who started off with killing him (or a future version of him) and then going after a new, terrifying alien threat that has been on Earth for a very long time. Since nobody can remember one of these aliens even after meeting them, it’s everybody’s guess how long. The way to defeat them was both ingenious as well as effective in a vicious kind of way. Doctor Who, despite all his peace-mongering, still remains one of the people with the highest death toll in the universe.

As for the entire season, the big mystery this time was how Doctor Who managed not to die and what the hell the Silence was (The Silence is coming, a threat from the start of the fifth season that wasn’t fully revealed even in the fifth season’s finale). I find it fascinating how they take some catchphrase, like “silence is coming” and spin an entire season worth of plot out of it.

Overall, I liked this one as well as any of the previous seasons. There were a number of memorable episodes. Memorable because they either had an ingenious variant of a common plot (Day of the Moon with the xth alien invasion), gave us new insights into the Doctor (The Doctor’s Wife, The God Complex) or were just plain fun (Let’s Kill Hitler). Even the weaker episodes were mostly fun, with the only one I disliked being the 2-parter about the flesh clones. As a show that often seems to revel in the most ridiculous and showy aspects of science fiction, it manages to tell some pretty poignant tales with those cheap furnishings.

And the end leaves us another great catchphrase to chew on, the mystery behind the title of the show itself. Whatever it will be, at least they managed to hook me again and I can’t wait to see the next season.