Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned (1980)

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned is an anime adaptation of the Marvel comic series Tomb of Dracula. As expected, when you adapt a 70-issue horror-series into a 90-minutes TV-movie and do it with a foreign animation studio, whose crew probably never had any contact with the original material before, you don’t have to wonder how this turned into a disaster. The movie jumps like crazy between scenes and characters, trying to cover as much story of the original series as is possible in those 90 minutes. Stuff like character development, organic and coherent plot development, pacing, all that goes out of the window.

This is the kind of movie that is so bad it’s fun again. I wonder if the people doing the voices for the English version had trouble keeping a straight face while working on the atrocious scripts. Just to give an idea how bad the movie was: Dracula steals a women from a Devil’s cult, because he’s annoyed with Lucifer. Over the course of a few minutes he falls in love, marries the stolen girl and gets a kid. Still running around all the time in his Dracula getup.

Meanwhile a group of vampire hunters sit around doing actually not much at all while hunting down Dracula. More stuff happens, Lucifer gets annoyed with Dracula, Dracula’s kid gets killed, comes back like Christ did, grows from Baby to grown-up in a few seconds and tries to hunt down his own father because he’s on a mission from God. Dracula goes from bad to good to pitiful (getting another vampire, never before seen, to bite him to become a vampire again, after Lucifer took his powers away) to bad again and none of those changes really seems like a convincing outcome of what came before. The entire movie just flip-flops between stuff and you’ll begin to wonder what crazy thing will happen next.

This is not a movie to watch to see something good or at least mediocre but fun, this is a movie to watch while being completely drunk and having fun. That’s the only way how this wreck can be enjoyed.