Black Adder: The Complete Collection (1983-1999)

The first time I saw Rowan Atkinson on TV was as Mr. Bean. And while I thought it had its moments, overall I wasn’t too impressed with it. After all, a bumbling fool who has problems tackling the real world isn’t all that original nor did I thought was it all that funny. Then I stumbled upon Black Adder, which is maybe not quite as famous as Bean, but much funnier.

You could say it’s a historical comedy that charts the various members of the Black Adder clan throughout British history (the British Middle Ages, the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the Regency era and the first World War), allowing an unconventional and darkly humorous look at certain iconic time periods. But that really isn’t what Black Adder is about.

Black Adder is all about learning to like completely rotten characters who cheat, steal, lie and murder their way through history, only to then see them fail and all die in the end. Though by that time you’re actually sorry to see these bastards die, as you’ve learned to like them quite a lot. After all, despite being bastards, they also embody the little man trying to survive various inane and insane leaders. Anyone who ever had a boss who seems just teeny bit off can easily empathize with Black Adder and his crew.