KOLM 2 (2011)


The first K.O.L.M. was a nice, minimalistic metrovania-type platformer that was fun for its short running time. The second part is more of the same and starts exactly where the first part ended. You still have all the robot-parts you collected in the first game, you still hear voices from the off that give the game some narrative drive and you’re still in the same cavern complex as before.

Same is meant literally, the original levels are actually all there, though slightly altered and with more rooms at the edges to explore. While I thought the first part was a sweet little game, I found the second part a bit too much of the same. The thing I found a little bit annoying the first time around began to really grate the second time, the endless zoom-in-zoom-out effect, which really didn’t do much for the gameplay and was really distracting in the bigger levels. Also going through nearly the same levels again didn’t fire up my enthusiasm.

It’s still a solidly crafted game experience, but even the additional two-player mode near the end didn’t make the game more enticing. There’s just not much to do than going through the same old levels (and the new rooms don’t look much different either), collect a few items and beat the damn thing. And the ending really made me questioned why I played through the entire game. Felt like wasted time.