Suits S1 (2011)

Suits is the right kind of the wrong thing I like. My own view of corporate life is more Dilbert than Suits, but I do so much want it more to be like the fairy tale that Suits is selling. You know, not the kind of crazy boss who is really just crazy, but the kind of crazy boss who underneath is all competence, where your co-workers are all slightly brilliant and you are also. Rather than reality, where you are nothing more than a semi-competent tool and your co-workers bring all their personal madnesses and agendas with them, even if they don’t know.

Suits is littered with brilliant people, from the college dropout who is actually sort of a genius but due to personal circumstance never managed to get on with his career, to his boss who at first sight looks like the generic, work environment shark but who turns out to be a responsible, caring boss (who is also very clever). Or the female co-worker/love-interest who is extremely smart, but still held back also by being extremely scared of exams. The show makes us able to still emphasize with them, even if they are all kind of brilliant and not really like us.

So, yes, it’s a fairy tale and the narrative hooks it’s plowing into our ego pretty obvious. But like the best fairy tales, even if we see the obvious we still want it. We want to believe in a better world, even if our everyday experience says otherwise. Humans are dumb like that. Even the brilliant suits on the show.