Community S1-S2 (2009-2011)

Community is a series that jumped the shark near the end of its first season and from then on established jumping the shark as its everyday modus operandi. It’s about people from various stages of life trying to finish community college for different reason and due to the romantic stratagem of one of them started working together as a study group. What starts out as a semi-serious comedy with that set-up, evolved into something truly weird and bizarre as the writers had nothing substantial to say anymore. And yet, despite drifting deeper and deeper into bizarro-land with each episode, I can’t stop watching.

It’s like watching a train accident happening in slow motion, with the implied promise that each new episode is more outlandish than the previous one. The train wreck, as it stands, never stops. After only two seasons all of the characters seem like they are in seriously need of therapy, and go from one clusterfuck to another. It’s truly disturbing how enjoyable this show is.