Momodora 2 (2011)

Momodora 2 is the sequel to last year’s best entry into the category “most likely inspired by Cave Story” (shouting Cave Story ripoff seems almost redundant when looking at some of the screenshots of Momodora). The first Momodora made the best of being such an obvious Cave Story-ripoff by coping only the graphical style and tight controls, but offered its own little story. Sure, the story was underdeveloped and there’s wasn’t any backtracking like in most good action-adventures or castleroids, but it was fun to play.

The second part introduces a new character, but the rest remains (mostly) the same. There’s a little more metroidvania-style level design, but since the game is pretty short, backtracking remains limited. If you liked the first one, you’ll enjoy playing the game. Explore a sort of castle, kill monsters that look a bit inspired by Japanese mythology, collect items to proceed, you know the drill. But the mechanics work well and the game is nice to look at.

Also, if you want the good ending, use the dash (middle of the screen) where you fought your first boss and then head down.