The Enchanted Cave (2011)


The Enchanted Cave is a heavily simplified, flash-based roguelike where all you do is enter a dungeon, kill monsters and collect money, gems (stat updates) and items (armor and weapons). Since there’s a mechanism (escape wings item) that allows you to retain money and status updates and even special items when used, it’s pretty easy to grow a stronger character with each return to the dungeon. On every *9th level you find an item shop, which even functions like a sort of save system (if you reach level 39, you can forevermore return to level 29 and so on).

The mission of the game is to reach the lowest level and slay the big boss, though once you reach that deep this won’t be much of a problem. It’s fun for one playthrough, but once you’ve done it there nothing to motivate you to play again, since unlike in most roguelikes, there’s no system for making different character builds nor are the randomized levels different enough from play to play (same level grid with minimal modifications).