My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2011)

MLP:FIM is a show that is quite clearly not aimed at the target group I’m part of, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. While it’s noisy and overly colorful and sugarcoating, something that usually grates on my nerves, it’s also a show that takes it target audience seriously, at least to the extend that the characters are more or less solid and the plots don’t feel completely redundant. There are countless dumb shows & movies aimed at kids that belittle them with their lack of quality in every aspect worth talking about, as if you didn’t need to even try making them good. While MLP:FIM isn’t perfect, it feels like someone really played the whole concept of talking & magic ponies straight, tried to find characters that would work just fine with such a background and had fun with it. Beware though, the show is CUTE to the max and may induce instant HATE from everyone really SERIOUS.