Battletoads (1991)

A punishing difficult beat’n run that looks like an adaptation of a generic 80ties cartoon in the vein of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s true, in a sense, as the first Battletoads game on the NES was published to capitalize on the success of Turtles games. The Gameboy game isn’t a port from the NES game of the same name, despite starting with a vaguely similar first level. Difficulty is hard, apart from a few levels where it’s ramped up to pure insanity (like the one where you have to run away from a big boulder Indiana Jones-like).

The game is, despite its difficulty, highly addictive. You can pick up a diverse number of objects to attack your enemies and there are countless diverse attack and finishing moves to beat the enemies, which is really fun to watch. Oftentimes I start the game just to beat up some unfortunate monsters, it’s just that much fun. The enemy design is even more over-the-top than even TMNT managed and the whole story & game is so ridiculous, yet still ridiculous enjoyable that I don’t really mind the many moments of frustration I had while playing it. And the music is excellent, despite the limitations of the Gameboy.