South Park S15E07: You’re Getting Old (2011)

For a series that started out looking like nothing more than a vulgar joke, South Park has managed to stay afloat far longer than anyone would have anticipated, not even its creators itself. But you can’t remain the rebel forever. Poignantly demonstrated in the middle seasonal break of their 15th season, the episode showed that even Matt Stone & Trey Parker might get annoyed with their own creation, not just the fans who are still watching, proclaiming every new episode shittier than the last (while still watching). This time the shit was intentional.

Always managing to offensively make a point, things really changed this time around. Stan got a severe case of cynicism, losing the ability to enjoy anything in live, while his parents at long last acknowledged that they weren’t happy anymore (at least not together). It’s odd seeing something that been a constant for so long still managing to surprise you. My first thought upon reaching the end was “This is it.” Whether there’s more to come isn’t important, even if it all was just a joke played on the people watching the show. The point of the episode remains, South Park has outlived it’s original purpose for a long time.