Stargate S8 (2004-2005)

Before I managed to get so far in my rewatch of Stargate, I was expecting that season four to seven would slowly build up to a climatic battle with Anubis in season eight. This actually happened at the end of the seventh season, so season eight feels more like a prolonged epilogue than the culmination of the preceding seasons. There’s a feeling of passing the torch, of saying farewell, like with O’Neill being promoted to General and taking over as the commander of Stargate Command and not being in the field anymore.

That said, there were still two big plot points that had to be resolved, the threat of the replicators and the threat of the Trust. And Anubis was still alive after all. So the Trust got Endgame and then Full Alert, then the replicator got dealt with in Gemini and Reckoning Part I and II. The final episode that tied together the remaining issues was Threads, were Anubis got his final send off (the way they did it was actually pretty well done and entirely fitting, despite that I never liked the whole Ascension thing).

Pretty odd season, with a few episodes where you felt like they really had nothing else to tell anymore (Affinity, Citizen Joe and the final two-parter Moebius). I thought the replicator episodes were great, although Repli-Carter a touch overdone (conceptual, I feared next Repli-O’Neill or Repli-Jackson). The whole Trust thing had gone on at lot longer than necessary, though the way they finished it here was okay.