Stargate S7 (2003-2004)

Daniel Jackson rejoins the cast again in season seven, which redelegates Jonas Quinn to guest status. The whole amnesia stick of Jackson was handled and then abandoned in a rather halfhearted manner, as if the writers on the show were embarrassed to have used such a worn out cliche.

The first half of the season had an unusual amount of self-contained episodes again, as if the writers on the show were stalling, trying to prolong the plot of the bigger arc going forward. One of those episodes that was, well, quite effective (though I’m not sure I would call it enjoyable), was Revisions. The team finds a little village inside a force bubble on a world where the atmosphere is entirely toxic. Every viewers knows that things aren’t as they seem, but the resolution of the episode still pulled a hefty punch. In this case I thought the usual, casual way in which characters on Stargate deal with the most horrific situations wasn’t entirely appropriate. I like that the show isn’t all doom and gloom, but in this case it was a bit unsettling to see them go back to business as usual in a matter of minutes after finding out what had happened.

The second part of the season went back to the main arc, introducing a new kind of foot soldiers created by Anubis, which upping the ante between Anubis and everyone else. The whole season ends with an impressive invasion of Anubis forces into solar space. In the past the usual modus operandi of the show had been to end a season on a cliffhanger, this time they went out with a big climatic battle (they probably weren’t expecting to get renewed). They also killed off Dr. Fraiser in a pretty boring two-parter. For whatever reason they did it, it was a pretty pointless thing to do.