The Venture Bros. S4 (2009-2010)

Venture Brothers the fourth season plods along, nothing big to show for, no great plot developments. But then, it’s not really the point. What exactly the point is, is hard to argue (on wikipedia they mention failing, but I’m not entirely sure that completely covers it). Maybe it’s to ridicule every character on the show and by extensions old cartoons and those people liking them. Or it’s about taking outrageous concepts, mixing them up with what others judge adult content to make it more edgy (which it really isn’t) and having fun. All that plays into it.

The show is good not despite all those little imperfections, but because of them. Characters are assholes, no one manages to live his dreams, they stab each other in the back regularly (sometimes consciously, often not). And yet this parade of little men doing little things without making the world a better place for anyone, not even themselves, feels so much more real than all the idealized fiction we ran across in books or TV-shows or else, that it’s refreshing. I wouldn’t want all my fiction like that, but a little dose from time to time is very healthy.