Ultimate Avengers (2006)

I’m not a big fan of Mark Millar’s comics, but despite that I would have preferred an animated version of his Ultimates ten times over the toothless shit Marvel shoveled at its audience with this strange amalgam. They took the Ultimates, stripped out most of the characterization and inserted something that tried to emulate the early beginnings of the Avengers.

If I had to chose between the juvenile but mostly smart approach of Millar or the totally corny, slightly dumb approach they used here for the heroes, it’s clear that even unsympathetic characters are better than those that are braindead. Just look at what they did to Millar’s Cap and fear. They managed to take everything out of the Ultimates that made them unique and replaced it with totally generic elements. The plot is similar to the Ultimates, but due to the changes impossible to stomach. If you want to see classic Avenger done right, watch the recent The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes TV-series.