Alpha and Omega (2010)

This is the embodiment of a feel-good movie, designed to not inflict any kind of stress on its viewer. Each conflict is watered down: the main characters (an alpha and an omega wolf separated by custom) are already in love, the two big groups of wolves don’t really want to fight, the secondary characters also have fitting love interests and so on. The one thing everybody needed to realize (to get the happy ending) is that working together is much better than standing apart. Which is mostly what happens after the displaced heroes managed to return home, they remind everybody that no one of them is a villain, cue group hugs and overcoming stupid traditions. If life were just this easy.

As a fantasy it’s an enjoyable movie, even if it’s completely without bite and the class clown act of the main character can be annoying. Fun is okay, but sometimes a little bit of backbone, competence and seriousness goes a long way. This is fluff: an utterly unmemorable movie that is as inoffensive as possible, yet still entertains somewhat. There’s no villain, no real conflict, just misunderstandings easily sorted out. What a strange world that must be.