Transformers S1-S2 (1984-1985)

Nostalgia only carries you so far. When I was a kid, I watched Transformers religiously, like so many other kids. So recently I got the itch to re-watch the show and see how it would hold up. Sometimes revisiting stuff you remember fondly can turn out quite good, though not often. My biggest challenge was following the story. On the surface, it’s quite simple: you have the good Autobots, trying to stop all the evil that the bad Decepticons are doing. But most of the time I had to force myself to keep attention. Far too often I felt like, WTF is going on here.

Despite the simplistic plots, the show was so boring and the characters so interchangeable, that my mind began to wander off. When my attention snapped back to the screen, I was completely lost. And the episodes I remembered most fondly were from later seasons, where most of the action took place in space. The whole Transformer hiding on Earth angle never appealed to me. That said, I think it’s a wonderful series for kids and people on drugs (because that’s the only way a sane adult can stand this crap).