Hero Core OST (2010)

The soundtrack for the truly excellent freeware game Hero Core by Brother Android is just as good as the game itself. It’s typical chiptune music: blips and blops and noise and all the other elements you remember from old GameBoy games (or similar computers/ consoles from ages past). I’m often amazed at some of stuff that comes out of the chiptune scene, mostly because they manage to transcend the individual low-fi sound bites and create a unique and compelling whole.

What makes the OST to Hero Core stand out is that it manages to be just as compelling solo as in-game. Many game soundtracks suffer from the fact that they are excellent while you’re playing, but heard solo don’t work as well. And they rarely work well as an album, jumping between styles and moods. That’s where the Hero Core soundtrack succeeds admirably, it offers distinct and varied individual songs that still complement each other and that together create a consistent and unified soundscape.

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