Spider-Man Unlimited (1999-2001)

This sequel to the long-running 1994 animated Spider-Man series had a pretty outre concept: on the other side of the sun is Counter-Earth, a world populated with humans and anthropomorphic animals and slightly futuristic tech. Spider-Man follows astronaut John Jameson to Counter-Earth, to bring him back, but soon becomes involved in a rebellion. The High Evolutionary has taken over Counter-Earth and elevated the animals to first class citizens, while humans have become second class. The whole setting seems a bit unusual for Spider-Man, but it works splendidly. Spider-Man is alone again and new to his surroundings, which makes it feel like a fresh start where everything is possible. Sometimes the creators of the show went a little too far with introducing analogues to characters from Earth, but overall it’s a fun season. Sadly the only one, like Silver Surfer it ended with a cliffhanger after one season.