El-Hazard: The Magnificent World (1995-1996)

Like so many OVAs produced during the hight of the whole Anime OVA phase (ca. 1985-1995), the El-Hazard OVA falls prey to the common failings of this mix-format between movies and TV-series. Too much plot is compressed in not enough time and the tone of the OVA veers between silly humor and a serious fantasy (with the intention to appeal to as many viewers as possible). Since neither of those aspects are allowed to overshadow the other, the OVA never finds it foundation. This means, instead of making at least one aspect strong, the humor is unfunny and the serious plot is a ridiculous collection of cliches. The only reason why El-Hazard managed to spawn sequels was the calculated use of these cliches (the emo-fag hero with a (small) harem of girls, the true love angle, the hilarious (not really) secondary characters) and lots of fan-service.