Ben 10: Ultimate Alien S1 (2010)

This third incarnation is not a complete overhaul of the show like Alien Force was, just a sequel to it with a slightly change of focus. The whole reveal of the secret identity angle doesn’t really work though, since Ben never gave much thought to having a secret identity before. It also never adds something interesting, apart from either making Ben too cocky or later too emo about the hardships of being famous.

I liked Aggregor, the new enemy. Sadly his story got solved prematurely (and in a very unsatisfying and unconvincing way) and the whole focus shifted to Kevin 11 being the enemy again. The whole rest of the show (episode 17 to 20) was too different in tone and style to be really enjoyable and Ben as a hardass felt completely out of character. I still liked the season to a degree, but the later shift in tone and the famous angle never worked well.