KOLM (2010)

KOLM is a nice, short metrovania style game with a minimalistic approach to graphics. Despite this approach, it has some nifty effects, like the swinging plane effect of your viewing screen and zooming out once you’ve entered a bigger level piece. The latter can be a bit distracting, since your character looks like a lone pixel when it zooms out too much.

In the game you control a little robot who has some modules missing and you have to help him find them. At first you’re missing even basic stuff like (good) vision and a jumping ability, later on you’ll collect typical stuff like double or triple jump and even invincibility. There’s also some sort of story, though it’s not really important and doesn’t really matter to the gameplay (whereupon in Castlevania or Metroid, the story, despite being simple, always mattered). That’s not a big problem though, since the game is short and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.