Farscape S2 (2000-2001)

Still very much episodic in nature, the show tries its hands on two three-parter and also develops the bigger plot lines that are ongoing from the first season. Scorpius replaces Cries as the main villain, while his obsession for the wormhole knowledge hidden deep inside Crichton’s mind becomes a big plot driver for the whole series.

The show trades heavily on mysticism (especially Zhaan), but that rarely means the characters become somewhat enlightened, instead most of them freak out on a regular basis (again Zhan, who became rather erratic and annoying with season two). Partly that’s also due to the strong emphasis on horror elements, which aren’t always as obvious as the monstrous nature of T’raltixx in “Crackers Don’t Matter”. Often it’s more visual horror like the mind cleansing procedure of “A Clockwork Nebari” or the operation on Crichton’s mind at the end of the season.

While the show is pretty unique, what drives me to watch it is its repellent nature. Shows like Star Trek or Babylon 5 depicted interstellar cultures I find appealing, despite all their shortcomings. They look how I would want the future to be to a certain degree (classic space opera with a few computer tech updates). Farscape looks like a bizarro version of that and it’s definitely not in synch with my expectations for good space opera. The most compelling aspect of that setting are the Peacekeepers, a place of order and stability admist a chaotic universe. And they are the villains.