Mardek Chapter 1 (2007)

This is the first chapter of a planned 8-chapter flash-based RPG (so far three have been published). Lengthwise it’s rather short, more like a prologue than a full chapter or episode. I think you can beat it in under twenty minutes or even less. That said, it really raised my interest in the remaining chapters.

The game tries to emulate the old-school feel of RPGs during the SNES/Genesis era and succeeds quite well. Like all the jRPGs it starts with rather young characters, but this time the game acknowledges their youth and their adventure is mostly make-believe. Consequently you don’t fight big monsters with swords, but rats and a bully with a stick. The writing reflects this as well. These are not world-weary knights trying to save the world, but inexperienced youths having fun. As will you.