Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

UtRH is fascinating for a number of reasons. The movie takes a story that I thought required too much knowledge of Batman continuity to really get for the casual viewer, yet the movie manages to make it accessible. It places center a development that is despised by many comic readers (the return of a long dead character). Sometimes the more hardcore comic readers hold that certain deaths of more or less beloved characters should be sacred and not reversed, but time has proven them always wrong (Bucky, Barry Allen and Jason Todd in this case). Not that Todd was beloved by anyone, but his death was one of the sacred ones.

There’s a good reason for that resentment, since most deaths of superhero characters are nothing more than a gimmick (Jason Todd’s demise was decided by reader vote). Their inevitable return just rubs it more in. But UtRH takes this cheap gimmick and then turn it into a good story, which is really astounding. The movie has excellent pacing, the characterization of each character is spot on and the action is magnificent. And it’s really accessible, you don’t need to know much about DC or special Bat-continuity to enjoy the movie. Together with Wonder Woman it’s one of the best movies from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line.