Captain N: The Game Master (1989-1991)

I loved this to pieces when I was younger. A kid is sucked into his TV and ends up in videoland, a mishmash of various elements from games from the NES-gaming era. Mother brain from Metroid is the big villain and Mega Man, Simon Belmont and Kid Icarus as well as a princess are the companions of the kid who got sucked into the TV. Many episodes mirror certain games and almost all the time mother brain tries to conquer videoland.

Sometimes going back isn’t the brightest idea. I was primed for an overdose of nostalgia, trying to see all three season. I managed only 8 or 9 episodes. I realized that my tastes have changed too much to appreciate this anymore. Really, all I managed to see now were stupid plots, awful characterization and sub par attempts at being funny. I was bored out of my mind and could hardly keep myself watching from intro to outro. Captain N is a typical example for stuff that can only be enjoyed at a younger age, after you reach a certain age the simple mindedness of it is hard to overlook and endure. That’s why I’m wary to go back to some of my other favorites of earlier days, like the first TMNT cartoon or the original Transformers series.