Mighty Max (1993-1994)

What happens when you have a toy line with no elaborate back story and some clever writers who have to create a cartoon around it. You get Mighty Max, a boy who has somehow earned a magic baseball cap that opens portals and makes him the fated of destiny, chosen to save to world from all kinds of evil. It’s a pretty generic setup, but the writers of Mighty Max used that to have some wicked fun with it. Sure, it’s a kids show, but inside these constraints they worked wonders. The never ending banter between Max and Virgil, the violent nature of Norman. Really, most kid shows try its best to sanitize every form of violence or actual intelligence, Mighty Max subtly or sometimes not so subtly embraced it. There’s no spark of originality here, but a full load of fun dialog and entertaining adventure. If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Or, in this case Mighty Max.