Doctor Who S5 (2010)


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The new season by Steven Moffat doesn’t seem that different from the preceding ones by Russell T. Davies. Maybe there are subtle differences, but to my eyes, it’s pretty much the same. That’s not bad in my book, as I really dug the RTD seasons. It’s still a weird form of science fiction, where things don’t make much sense and technology is pretty much interchangeable with magic (on the other hand, maybe Clarke’s third law applies here). Problems get solved by deux ex machina so often that it becomes par for the course.

Objectively it’s all pretty much nonsense, from the time-travel to the depicted aliens to future societies. But it’s still highly entertaining. And I was also a bit surprised how fast I liked Matt Smith as the new Doctor. Already with his first episode, he made the role completely his own.

overview of the first episode