Addams Family (1992)

I only managed to watch the first six episodes of the 1992 Addams Family cartoon. It’s not goddamn awful, merely mediocre and boring. The classic Addams setup is that of a slightly odd family who love weird and macabre stuff. The thing is, stuff that would be deadly to normal humans doesn’t work as well on the Addams. Poison, explosives, any kind of weapon. Despite loving to use them, none of the Addams seem to get hurt by them (much).

The real-life movies played with that setup to create some very entertaining situations. The cartoon on the other hand looks like work-for-hire, with none of the creators sharing the diabolical fun you could have. Imagine that someone like Jhonen Vasquez of Invader Zim fame had worked on it, it could have been brilliant. Instead we get a really tired routine that apes all what we know about the Addams (killing themselves for fun, enjoying everything normal people would hate) without making it look even an iota inspired or actually fun. Maybe the requirement to pare it down to Saturday morning cartoons sucked all the joy out of it, or none of the creators involved cared for or understood the basic premise. It’s overwhelmingly boring.