Lux Licentia (2010)

On first sight Lux Licentia looks pretty decent. But beneath the shiny surface things don’t look so good. The game has one of the worst battle systems I’ve encountered in a platformer. As if someone wanted to translate the tediousness of countless random battle encounters from jRPGs into a platformer, that’s how this game feels. Gameplay consists mostly of hacking away at your enemies until they die. There’s not much skill involved, merely the ability to repeat this boring routine ad nausaem. It’s button mashing par excellence, no input from the brain needed.

Worst, while the controls are adequate for a 2d-beat’n run, they are completely useless for the few platforming elements (simple jumps onto moving platforms). Instead of being able to make accurate jumps, your characters momentum is halted by swinging your sword or getting hit. While this is a good thing for a beat’n run, it’s completely catastrophic for a platformer. The level design is also very plain and doesn’t offer much variety. Sprite collision is solved very poorly. All in all, not recommended. I’ve only played a few level before I got too bored to proceed.

Sound is quite good though and the art direction not too shabby, despite the fact that I prefer a more old-school pixelated look when it comes to platformers. Anyway, if you want to see something like this done right, try out Konjak’s Legend of Princess. Similar type of game, but everything from the controls to level design to art is ten times better.