Torchwood S3: Children of Earth (2009)

I stopped midway through the first season of Torchwood because of the overall awfulness of the series. But numerous, positive reviews of the third, mini-season of Torchwood lured me back. I was expecting some major change in quality, but while not as bad as what I’ve seen of the first season, it’s far from any good. The acting is awful as always and the story is pretty thin, especially as it’s stretched to provided the plot for the whole six-episode series.

The major problem of Torchwood is that the dramatic moments just don’t work. They feel artificial and forced. Kill off a main character, kill off the child of another main character. It’s so transparent in it’s need to make viewers sympathetic, that you can’t even call it manipulative anymore. Manipulation is a thing of subtlety, but this is everything but. And the whole subplot about the politician felt even more hamfisted and annoying. Thin and boring story, awful characters and so on. Definitely not recommended.