Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)

The bad taste that the last animated DC universe movie left behind has gone with Crisis on Two Earths. CoTE is far from perfect, but a good enough movie to make anyone forget the previous turd. It takes ideas from Grand Morrison’s Earth 2 comic and some other comic I haven’t read. The deviations from the Earth 2-material where the reasons why I wasn’t completely satisfied. For example the evil Batman (Owlman) turned out to be the only good guy in the Earth 2 comic, here he’s the one who completely goes bonkers.

The plot goes like this: Earth 2 is a place where everything is turned upside down compared to the DC earth. Lex Luthor is a good guy and leads something like the Justice League, while the Superman and Batman counterparts of that world are evil and part of the Crime Syndicate. Another difference to our world is that the bad guys are winning, at least until the good Lex Luthor teleports to our world and ask the Justice League for help. Things spin out of control when the evil Batman discovers the world hopping device and goes from merely criminal to completely evilly insane because of some implications of the many-worlds-hypothesis on free will.

Don’t expect real science. This is a pop-science understanding of the many-worlds-hypothesis that has nothing to do with different outcomes of quantum mechanical events. If you can at least try not to think about some of the stupid things the movie comes up with, it’s quite funny. The philosophical conundrum of Owlman is explored in a decidedly less outlandish and more mundane (but also more interesting) way in on of Greg Egan’s stories (I forgot the title, the main character creates a device that allows his sentient, artificial kid to make decisions that doesn’t create alternate worlds when quantum mechanical events are involved).

In CoTE things are a bit less mundane. All the events lead two of the main characters to the primary world from which all others world have been spawned. The final conflict is about blowing up the primary world (which should actually not effect the multiverse in any way, but like I said, this is not real science). CoTE isn’t perfect, but if you can overlook some of the more stupid elements, it’s a good action movie.