Planet Hulk (2010)

Another of the recent slew of animated Marvel direct-to-video movies that manages to captivate with excellent production values concerning the animation as well as having a cool story. Some of the mightiest of the superheroes of the Marvel universe decide that the Hulk is too much of a danger and exile him too a planet where no one lives. Things, as expected, go wrong and the Hulk lands on a typical sword & sorcery fantasy world (with a few high tech gadgets here and there). Mostly its a world that allows the Hulk to really let loose without any of the readers really caring about collateral damage. After all, it’s not even a fictional version of our world, but only a run-of-the-mill fantasy world. So most of the time the Hulk is fighting various monsters in the movie.

What makes Planet Hulk a successful movie, is that it never becomes boring seeing the Hulk fight nearly all the time. Making a non-boring movie that’s mostly a very long sequences of fights is an art itself, and Planet Hulk successfully masters it. Not only is the choreography of the fights excellent, the movie has other qualities too. The characterization is pretty solid and in spite of the simplicity of the story the plot actually has some clever twists and turns. Not too much, but enough to make it fun.