Tales from the Cryptkeeper S1 (1993)

The kind of horror that the animated first season of Tale from the Crypt deploys is something I call kids horror or pretend horror. People never really die or get damaged by the things that happen to them. Most of the stories use the horror aspect merely to inflict a moralistic lesson on a character, after which most of them get of the train, so to speak. There are a few exceptions, but unlike “true” horror, most of the time the status quo is restored and the characters survive their ordeal. That’s not to say this isn’t entertaining, but no one should expect traditional horror merely in animated form, because then disappointment is guaranteed.

On the other hand I expect that this isn’t exactly true for kids or younger teenagers, as for them the distinction between true and pretend horror isn’t as meaningful. At that age you don’t think as much about the outcome but about the present. For kids these stories might actually work much better as horror than for older people.