The Complete Goofy (2002)

Whereas even three full collections of Donald Duck shorts haven’t completely won me over to the character, the one collection of Goofy shorts was enough to make me a big fan of him. I always thought previously of Goofy merely as a secondary character, but his own shorts show his full potential. These shorts cover two time periods of Goofy, the early ones where Goofy sports as the main character in a How to… format. Goofy tries a new activity out, while a voice from the off explains how to do it right. Goofy, as expected, manages to completely make everything go fubar, but in a really heartwarming and charming way.

The later shorts show Goofy as your typical everyman of the 50ties. A tired family father who often fails to do the most basic stuff outside of his work environment. I think what I really like about Goofy is his optimism and enthusiasm, even after repeatedly failing at a task. His shorts made me laugh out loud many times, despite their age. The humor is innocent and yet destructive enough to be funny. And parodying the whole self-help-manual-movement is just a big bonus.