Hero Core (2010)

One of the best games I recently played is Daniel Remar’s sequel to his 2006 hit Hero. Hero Core is the type of sequel that takes the best of what came before and then manages to improve on it. Everything bigger and better is the maxim of Hero Core. There’s more plot (we learn some of the background of Tetron), the gameworld is bigger and the game has transformed from a level based action game to a more mature metrovania-style of gameplay. There are many different and ingenious boss-types and a very driving and atmospheric soundtrack.

And after you’ve beaten the game in normal mode you can play two more modes: a side-story with bullet hell style enemy firing patterns and hard mode where the enemies from the normal mode are, well harder. Both of the two new modes have entirely new levels, so no chance of getting tired of the same old (I haven’t beaten neither hard nor annihilation mode yet, but I keep trying). All in all this is great game, highly polished and all around fun. One of the best this year so far.