Tales of the Black Freighter (2009)

This direct-to-video animated supplement to the Watchmen movie is an element taken right out of Moore’s comic. In the comic it was a really clever and subtle piece of world-building, showing how the presence of real superheroes has changed the alternate history such as that super-hero comics never played a significant role and pirate or other horror comics were thematically dominant.

Taken out of context and presented as a short animated movie allows the audience to evaluate its merits on it’s own. I like the animation, which is excellent and really atmospheric. But I really didn’t cared that much for the story in itself. The ending is telegraphed nearly from the beginning and the descent into madness more than a bit, well, not entirely implausible, but hard to take seriously. I’m probably just not the right audience for that kind of horror, which was far too simplistic and calculated. Too wordy at times, too pretentious without saying anything really substantial. As a teen it might have impressed me, but today I find that kind of stuff lacking and not very interesting.