Redder (2010)

Redder is a clever flash-based metrovania type of game. Not completely a metrovania, as you don’t get enhancements to open new parts of the open-world-level-structure. You can go everywhere you want from the get go. The game depends mostly on simple and easy platforming and a little bit of puzzling. Your goal is to collect diamonds (you’re a stranded astronaut and probably need them to repair your ship). Most are easy to get, for some you have to think a little bit to get them. There are red and green buttons, that activate red and green blocks. Sometimes you have a diamond right before you behind a barrier of blocks. To get to them you have to travel around a various number of screen and activate/deactivate the green/red blocks in a certain sequence. But it’s never really hard.

Initially the game is really relaxing to play, but after you’ve collected a certain number of diamonds a new visual element is introduced that can get a little bit straining. At first I thought the game was corrupted in some way, but it’s not. It’s certainly an interesting way to go, even if it’s not exactly easy on the eyes (looks like it could be hazardous to people with epilepsy). All in all a neat little and fun game. Nothing overly original, but a very solid and well crafted game.