Doctor Who S5 Pilot (2010)

Saw the first episode of the new Doctor Who (The Eleventh Hour). It was enjoyable in the typical ways of Doctor Who. It’s a show that has embraced its trashy roots and has elevated them to an art. Production value-wise I don’t think it’s actually that trashy anymore, but the show doesn’t try for the same sort of realism that pervades even SF/Fantasy-shows from the US. It’s all about quite absurd, low-probability futures, unrealistic aliens and adventure. I mean, alien spaceships that have hovering human eyes at their core, sporting a global wide warning that doesn’t give anyone a chance to react. It’s pure nonsense, but it does work if you don’t try to take it at face value. It’s fun.

I do wonder whether Moffat is setting up the Doctor for something of a hard awaking. The whole angle of catching a companion right before her wedding and coming too late for some years reeks of trying to make a point about the limits of time travel. In the end, after a season or two, Amy will leave and chose a normal life, going back right to the moment the Doctor got her away. Even if this time it’ll be the Doctor who falls for someone. Despite his powers he missed her for 12+2 years, and he can’t right that without destroying all those things that will have happened until then. All merely speculation, but maybe it’s going in that direction.